Marine Vessel Equipments

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We offer assistance with marine vessel equipment and have a range of top-quality products and services, including hydraulic systems and navigation equipment. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your vessel. Contact our friendly customer service team for more information and to request a quote. Achieve your goals on the water with our marine vessel equipment.

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ME Global Service Station Network

A dependable global service station network is crucial for marine vessels that require maintenance and repairs worldwide. The network should have expertly trained technicians, offer comprehensive services with the latest technologies, and establish strong communication channels for effective collaboration. It ensures optimal performance and safe operation of marine equipment for a long time.

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ME Company

Company Marine Vessel Equipment Company Safe, Secure and Comfortable Voyage with Unique Motion Control Technology. Over many Years, We Nabtesco have accumulated a wide range of experience in marine engine remote control systems and Governor systems for medium to large sized vessels.For the control systems of diesel engines, which are the core components of vessels,

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ME Services

We offer marine electronics, safety equipment, navigation tools, and communication devices. Our experienced team provides personalized solutions, installation, maintenance, and repair services. With a reputation for excellence, we prioritize quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Contact us for your marine equipment needs.

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ABS Certification for Nabtesco Systems Cyber Safety

Nabtesco became the world’s first recipient of ABS CyberSafety® & PDA certification for marine vessel equipment from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The number of cyberattacks targeting ships has been increasing, making it even more important to implement anticyberattack measures for marine vessel equipment. Nabtesco’s marine vessel engine remote control system is designed to

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