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Product Details

Equipment for Electrically Controlled Diesel Engine

We are developing the product for electrical controlled diesel engine due to they are going to gain widespread at an accelerated pace.

Representative products are as follows:

– MAN D&T- FIVA valve, Inductive Sensor, Multi-Purpose Controller
– Mitsubishi UE-ECO-Engine Control System, Hydraulic valve
– 4stroke electrical controlled diesel engine Valve-Hydraulic

Thruster Control Panel

Nabtesco have developed side thruster control system for safe off-shore operation when the vessel entering & leaving the ports and also in narrow waterways.

Bridge Manoeuvring System

Bridge Manoeuvring System controls marine propulsion engines from a wheelhouse and a control room. This product sends a revolution speed order and monitors engine condition.

A latest model “M-800-V” was released in 2011, which has a brand new communication system, liquid crystal displays & possible function enhancement.

Telegraph Logger

We have developed a Logger which records the telegraph function and Engine RPM with date & time.
The present upgraded model is ML-800 V.

Electric Governor

Electric Governor is capable to control and optimize the revolution speed of marine propulsion engines depending on the sea condition realized by micro-computer.

We have also developed a fuel save governor software, which prevents from providing excess fuel by tolerating RPM change under specific sea conditions.
(This “Fuel Save Governor” is a popular option).



  • MAN D & T ME Engine- Multi Purpose Controller (MPC), Inductive Sensor
  • Mitsubishi UE Eco Engine- Engine Control System, Hydraulic Valve
  • Controllable Pitch Propeller Remote Control System
  • Side Thruster Remote Control System
  • Pneumatic Maneuvering Control System
  • Water Emulsified Fuel Supply System
  • Fin Stabilizer Control System
  • Marine Crane Control System
  • ALPHA Lubricator System

Products Evolution

Bridge Manoeuvring System

Telegraph System

Telegraph Logger System

Governor System

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